Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2019, Page: 18-27
The Free Kick Kinematics of Elite Football Players
Dujaka Aziz, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University Hasan Prishtina, Pristina, Kosovo
Sokoli Bylbyl, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University Hasan Prishtina, Pristina, Kosovo
Received: Jul. 7, 2019;       Accepted: Aug. 3, 2019;       Published: Aug. 16, 2019
DOI: 10.11648/j.ijsspe.20190402.11      View  820      Downloads  2135
We have considered the kinematics parameters for the free instep kick of the elite footballer (Cristiano Ronaldo), in the pace of the swing leg movement and the supporting leg with linear velocity measurement, angular displacement and angular velocity of the joints (ankle, knee, hip). We used the cinematographically method through Kinovea-0.8.26-win32. exe and Photo Suite 4 Platinum Editor from MGI Software of filming of a free instep kick (10. LaLiga, vs. Villarreal, 21/02/2010), and where as the caliber size we have taken the diameter of the ball, creating its kinograms in stages of movement. We have especially analyzed the Approach phase which Cristiano Ronaldo traverses at a distance of 4.0 m, which is passed in 3 steps (1.14 m; 1.72 m; 2.75 m). Angle of approach is 40 degrees, the free-kick distance is 30 m. During the contact of foot/ball, knee angle of the swing leg is 132 degrees (support leg 153 deg), while the ball is hit by a linear velocity of ankle joint 17.5 m/s, giving the ball a speed of 13.7 m/s. Result of this research is the way of execution the second step of approach phase which Cristiano Ronaldo is performing with the placement of the right foot in the ground only with the tip of the fingers and not with the whole foot, passing quickly backs winging phase, and phase of hip flexion and knee extension during downward motion.
Instep Free Kick, Kinematics Parameters, Linear Velocity, Angular Displacement, Angular Velocity, Ankle Joint, Knee Joint, Hip Joint
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